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About us

The Agenzia Vini Longato was founded in 1988 by Riccardo Longato who decided to use his long and consolidated experience at a wines & spirits brokerage house in order to open his own business on the Venetian mainland. Initially, the Agency traded bulk wines – both quality and table wines from the most important wine-producing regions of Italy – destined mainly for wine bottlers and producers of select wines in Central and Eastern Europe. Presently, we deal mainly in bottled wine products as well as grape musts, grape juices, strong spirits, liqueurs, alcopops and low-alcoholic-content drinks from 12 different countries. More recently, we have also included olive oil in our range of products. However, Italian wines remain our strong point.


We are present in 35 countries, including the most important world markets (except for North America and Japan) and diverse developing markets like Eastern Europe and the Far East, covering all product segments from top quality wines to lower priced products for the off-trade.

Our turnover may be broken down as follows:
- products for the on-trade and specialized outlets: 40%
- products for the off-trade: 40%
- bulk wines and products: 20%.


We act for over 100 wine producers in Italy, and more than 40 producers in other countries, covering all the major wine-producing regions in Italy and throughout the world. Our suppliers are selected not only on the basis of product quality and on the price/quality ratio of their products, but also on their professionalism and state-of-the-art technologies and research, the aim being to constantly improve the product and define its unique qualities. Our clients range from wine-bottling or special-wine-producing cellars to off-traders, wholesales and a small percentage of retailers.


We see to it that each individual product is launched in the most appropriate distribution channel, taking every care to ensure its success. Our objective is to enhance the brand-building and value of the products we represent in each individual market. This objective is achieved by constantly improving the efficiency of distribution and exploiting the cultural differences in order to develop an even more creative approach to the market. We ensure optimum market placement of the product through ongoing monitoring of the distribution channels, and by taking prompt action to rectify any target risks.


The flexibility of our business structure enables us to contain costs and to adapt promptly to ongoing market changes. To deal effectively with market growth and optimize our activity to the full, we work in synergy with many of the foremost wine-brokers worldwide, in order to identify new products and launch their distribution in markets where we are not otherwise present. There are also areas where we rely on local partners who are often key factors in entering markets that are not as yet easily accessible. Together with our partners, we form a team capable of interpreting and even anticipating trends of development in the single markets, without ever losing sight of the evolving trends of our end user.


Attention to costs is of primary importance. Intermediation should not be considered an additional cost that will put up the cost of the product thus penalizing the client and, consequently, the end user. Quite the contrary! Our suppliers are well aware that our commission rates are lower than those they themselves would incur through direct contact in order to obtain the same results. Our clients not only gain economic advantages from our intermediation but they also have the benefit of our expertise and the service we provide.


Our objective is to build stable and long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, clients and colleagues. We consider their trust and esteem to be the valuable assets of our Agency. These are the building blocks which enable us to operate in diverse markets with companies in direct competition one with the other, giving each of them our assistance in developing their own original marketing strategy. We share with our partners the knowhow and expertise we have gained over the years in the area of logistics and tax, legal and customs-related problems. On request, we will be pleased to provide consultancy and advice on agronomical, oenological and techno-industrial matters, as well as on the organisation of wine-tasting and other events, meetings, fairs, and so on.

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